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The Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) which is the department that manages Student Visas, has just announced some proposed changes to existing requirements, these have particular application to the Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, AP and Telangana, so it is timely to make a new summary so you can advise students accurately.

There are 6 ‘tests’ that are applied to all Student Visa applications:

  •   A good academic background – 60%+ in core subjects for 12th Standard and 55-60%+ for Graduate students
  •   A good standard of English. For 12th Standard and Graduation students IELTS 6.0 with no band less than 5.5. If a 12th Standard student has IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.0) but has good communication skills, consideration can be given, but outside Melbourne and Sydney. Exemption can be only for IELTS at the maximum 10 weeks ELICOS (English Language course).
  •   A Spouse Dependent Visa for a Graduation program entry is not possible. For Masters entry it may be possible, but the Spouse background needs to be of a high standard.
  •   Previous Immigration history needs to be clean. Visa issues previously for Australia (i.e. a rejected Tourist Visa) or another country rejection (especially New Zealand) will be problematic.
  •   A GAP in studies for a Diploma/Graduation course application is negative for a visa. For a Masters candidate a gap which involves working is positive. The work experience requires proof more than a letter – i.e. a pay slip.
  •   The chosen course in Australia must be a logical progression.


As with most countries the student must pass the financial viability test. Finance must be shown (‘Show Money’) for Fee Tuition Living Expenses and Insurance.

Unlike most countries, finance should be shown to get the Offer Letter

Living Expenses – A$ 18,610 p.a

Average Course Fee – A$ 22,000

Health – A$ 1,500 (3 years)

Therefore at an Exchange rate of A$ 1 = Rs. 47 the average ‘Show Money’ is A$ 42,000 or Rs. 20 Lakh.

The applicant must demonstrate ability to pay 2nd, 3rd year fees – the parents income for the past 2 years will be considered.

Mother/Father/Brother/Sister are the best forms of financial support. Other relatives should not be providing the majority of finance.

Money in Bank should be 3 months old.

12th Standard Students

A 12th Standard student with good academics must do a 3 year Degree or enroll in a 2 year Diploma with credits into a Degree to gain a stay back.

There must be no study gap.

Graduation Students

Must do a 2 year Masters Degree to gain a stay back.

Points for PR (60 Points are required for PR)

2 Year Qualification 15
Age 18 – 25 25
Age 25 – 32 30
2 years study 5
State Sponsors 5
IELTS 7,7,7,7 10

There are many ways to look at points and many different combinations, but most times IELTS is critical. Because IELTS is valid for 3 years if achieved in India, getting 7,7,7,7 in India should be encouraged because PR is available on completing studies if the applicant is 25+ years of age.

INTAKES – February, July and November

Most Important

  • a) JNTU and Osmania Universities are blacklisted and students enrolling from these Universities in India would not get their Student Visa.

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