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Cyprus is a beautiful island in the northeastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa. Throughout the centuries, Cyprus has been a meeting place of civilizations and cultures. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean with a population of approximately 700,000. The island has superb mountain scenery, forests, fascinating coastlines and beaches, and a rich historical and archaeological heritage bearing witness to its long and diverse history.

In May 2004, Cyprus joined the European Union and became its easternmost and southernmost outpost.


Cyprus enjoys a wonderful Mediterranean climate with long dry summers from mid May to mid October and abundant sunshine throughout the year. Variations in temperature and rainfall are governed by altitude and, to a lesser extent, distance from the coast. The marvelous climate of the island offers endless opportunities to nature lovers.


In January 2008, Cyprus joined the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and henceforward the Euro (€) has been the monetary unit in use.


The official languages of the Constitution of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish, but English is widely spoken. English is also the language of instruction in the Private Institutions of Tertiary Education for the vast majority of their programmes of study.

Why study in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and is a country with a highly educated population. Cyprus has a sophisticated infrastructure and is full of island charm. People here are open and warm and have a tradition of hospitality. The cuisine and culture of Cyprus are one of the best in all Europe. Cyprus has a high percentage of English speaking population. Cyprus is a preferred location for education due to its very low crime rate and high standard of living. Cyprus is a hub for business and education. There are many reasons why to choose Cyprus for higher studies.

Some of the most popular reasons for higher studies in Cyprus are:

  • Bachelor and Master’s degree in Cyprus is recognized world-wide.
  • The main language of instruction in English.
  • The standard of living in Cyprus is high and yet the living costs are affordable.
  • Cyprus has high academic standards.
  • The country is very safe and the crime rates are extremely low.
  • The climate is also very mild and pleasant.
  • Credits can be transferred to all other European Union countries as well as US and Canada.
  • Scholarships are provided to all International students that cover up to forty percent of tuition fees.
  • The learning environment is enhanced with the varied culture.
  • Students can work hard and then party harder.
  • Students are prepared to work in today’s marketplace.

Cyprus has become a very popular study abroad destination. Information about study in Cyprus can be found from various sources. Cyprus is the ideal destination for study and research as a lot of focus is on innovating thinking and learning. You can also study in Cyprus without IELTS score and get an education that will make you employable.


Students also have in walking distance, a mall, a wide variety of banks, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, etc.

The Accommodation Office assists students in finding suitable and convenient lodges for the duration of their studies. It provides on and off campus lodging (on campus hostels, off campus hostels, off campus housing) and offers students information about lease agreements, furniture rental, etc. In addition, the Accommodation Office arranges temporary accommodation at special rates and provides roommate services.

If you are interested for on campus or off campus accommodation please contact us as soon as possible. Make sure to specify which type of accommodation you are interested in (on/off campus; studio, 1,2,3 bedroom apartment; furnished or not, etc

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